Homepage: http://pines.sourceforge.net/pnotify/
Author(s): Hunter Perrin
Version: 1.0.1

Full featured plugin to show temporary floating messages for status updates, actions and errors.


Call $.pnotify(options) to show a notification.

Most common options:

  • pnotify_title: the title
  • pnotify_text: the message text
  • pnotify_delay: milliseconds to show the message
  • pnotify_opacity: value from 0 (fully transparent) to 1 (opaque)
  • pnotify_nonblock: true if items below the message should be clickable
  • pnotify_type: 'error' if an error message

Option Comment Default value
pnotify_title The notice's title false
pnotify_text The notice's text false
pnotify_addclass Additional classes to be added to the notice (for custom styling) ""
pnotify_nonblock Create a non-blocking notice; it lets the user click elements underneath it false
pnotify_nonblock_opacity The opacity of the notice (if it's non-blocking) when the mouse is over it 0.2
pnotify_history Display a pull down menu to redisplay previous notices, and place the notice in the history true
pnotify_width Width of the notice "300px"
pnotify_min_height Minimum height of the notice; it will expand to fit content "16px"
pnotify_type Type of the notice: "notice" or "error" "notice"
pnotify_notice_icon The icon class to use if type is notice "ui-icon ui-icon-info"
pnotify_error_icon The icon class to use if type is error "ui-icon ui-icon-alert"
pnotify_animation The animation to use when displaying and hiding the notice. "none", "show", "fade", and "slide" are built in to jQuery. Others require jQuery UI. Use an object with effect_in and effect_out to use different effects. "fade"
pnotify_animate_speed Speed at which the notice animates in and out; "slow", "def" or "normal", "fast" or number of milliseconds "slow"
pnotify_opacity Opacity of the notice 1
pnotify_shadow Display a drop shadow false
pnotify_closer Provide a button for the user to manually close the notice true
pnotify_hide After a delay, remove the notice true
pnotify_delay Delay in milliseconds before the notice is removed 8000
pnotify_mouse_reset Reset the hide timer if the mouse moves over the notice true
pnotify_remove Remove the notice's elements from the DOM after it is removed true
pnotify_insert_brs Change newlines to br tags true
pnotify_stack The stack on which the notices will be placed. Also controls the direction the notices stack. {"dir1": "down", "dir2": "left", "push": "bottom"}

See for examples the plugin example page.

The plugin uses the jQuery UI CSS library for styling, which means it is fully and easily themeable.


A simple notice

click me

A customized one

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