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Student Setup


Unpack the exercises tar into your home directory.


  1. Install SQLite. (You can use MySQL as well, but it will take some extra steps to grant access and requires root access.) yum install perl-DBD-SQLite

  1. Load the train.sql by running sqlite3 train < train.sql


These instructions are aimed at RHEL or CentOS users.

  1. as your non-root login, mkdir ~/public_html
  2. as root, edit /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf to make sure UserDir public_html is uncommented. Also, the dozen lines from to should be uncommented. And AddHandler cgi-script .cgi should be uncommented.
  3. as root, service httpd restart
  4. as root, yum install perl-Text-Template
  5. as your non-root login, cd ; cp -R exercises/perlcgi/public_html/* public_html/ and chmod +x public_html/cgi-bin/*.cgi
  6. test by going to http:// machine /~ user /cgi-bin/hello.cgi
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